The finalists have been announced

The finalists have been announced

Nov 30 Playing-Ducks  

Yesterday, the last slot for the Playing-Ducks CS:GO Female Masters 2015 Finals has found his owner. It took three maps to get a winner of the match ALSEN Team Female versus Team Acer. ALSEN wins the first map de_Cache with 16:14, but Team Acer strickes back on the second map de_Train with 16:07. Finally, Team Acer wins the last map de_Cobblestone with 16:10.

So we can announce the forth particpant of the offline finals in Munich: Welcome Team Acer.

ALSEN Team-Female vs. Team Acer – 29.11.2015 21:00 CET

  • Map 1: Cache 16:14
  • Map 2: Train 07:16
  • Map 3: Cobblestone 10:16

The field of teams consists of LGB eSports, melty eSport Club, dAT Team Female and Team Acer. We see you on the 19th of December in Munich!

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