Panix released

Panix released

Jan 16 Playing-Ducks  

We have decided to terminate the current contract with our Rainbow Six Siege Pro League player Dimitri „Panix“ de Longeaux which has been playing for us since Pro League Season 3 where we managed to place Second in the Grand finals at the ESL Studios in Katowice.
Following the release of Panix we will be bringing zironic back to the starting five.

Jannik Hansen – Head of Esport:
Rainbow Six Siege has been a part of our Organization since Season 2. We’ve competed in the last two Pro League seasons, first with former TCM-Gaming and last with a mix of Playing Ducks S2 players and SearchOrga players who merged into the Organization. We managed to place Second at the ESL Pro League Season 3 finals in Katowice which also showed us how much potential this team had.
For around two weeks ago the closed qualifiers for the Rainbow Six Siege „Six Invitational“ took place and we unfortunate did not deliver as expected and went out in the lower bracket against PENTA. Around this time Panix decided to approach another Organization asking for a tryout. We generally have nothing against Players actually wanting to try out for other organizations but this was all done hidden.
Hidden from the Management but also from the Players. As we were made aware of this issue we quickly approached the Organization and had the confirmation that they were in talks with our Player. With this Panix has not only violated his Contract but he has also destroyed the Trust and believe we had in him as a Player, therefore we had no other choice then to terminate the current on-going contract with him with immediate effect.
With Panix being released our Team has been looking for a new player to replace him with. The team has decided to bring back Alex „z1ronic“ Dalgaard-Hansen to the starting line-up which means he will from today be back in the Active roster.
I would like to thank everyone of our Fans who have supported us through the last seasons, qualifiers and finals. You mean a lot to the Players and us as Organization. – Thank you for believing in us!

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