Interview with Cla

Interview with Cla

Dez 06 Playing-Ducks  

The qualification phase for melty eSport Club is finally over. Reason enough to do a short interview with the finalist of the Playing-Ducks CS:GO Female-Masters! Today our caster Josh „BurntSanctuary“ had the oppurtunity to talk to Clara „Cla“ Rossi, a player of melty eSport Club, which is placed #1 in the online qualifier. Clara talks about the team itself and also about what she thinks about the other teams attending the Playing-Ducks CS:GO Female-Masters on Saturday, 19th December.

BurntSanctuary: Hello Cla. Big thank you for giving me the oppurtunity to talk to you. How are you?

Cla: Hello Josh. Thanks, i’m fine and also thank you for having me here!

BurntSanctuary: As some people might not be familiar with you, present yourself for them. Who are you and what is your role in melty eSport Club?

Cla: My name is Clara „Cla“ Rossi, i’m 19 (soon 20) and I started playing Counter Strike on Source in 2006 and CS:GO in 2012. I’ve played with some known teams like imG, eXtensive, Millenium  and 3DMAX (currently Team Acer) with which we won the ESWC 2014. I’ve joined melty eSport Club recently in September.  I’m their entry fragger. This means I’m trying to open up the map and giving control of it to me and my team.

BurntSanctuary: Talking about your team, can you just quickly introduce your whole team with their roles?

Cla: First of all we have two lurker on our team, which are „MITSU“ and „Mar1oN“. Adding to that we have „SaAku“ as our sniper and „TORKA“ as our ingame leader. They are all from CS 1.6 except me.

BurntSanctuary: melty eSport Club definitly showed up well in the online qualifier securing the 1st place. What do you think is the strength of your team?

Cla: I think our main strength is just that we are all really motivated in improving ourselves. We are watching a lot of demos and also we are playing together everyday, including playing deathmatch.

BurntSanctuary: Special question about you, because you played for both of the strongest French female teams. What is the big difference of the teams?

Cla: I always wanted to play as much as possible even in mixed tournament and that wasn’t possible that much with Team Acer. The girls on Melty seemed like all very motivated and had the same goals as me. On the other hand I played for a long time with the girls of Team Acer and we had a really good chemistry and teamplay, which is really hard to find and I also enjoyed to play with them. They are definitly a very strong team! Individually and as a team and I would be up to play against them at the LAN. Going back to your question, I think it’s pretty hard to compare two teams, especially when you just joined the roster and you never played against the other team.

BurntSanctuary: Talking about the teams. What do you think about the other teams, which will be at the LAN final at the 19th December? Do you scare to play against one of those teams?

Cla: I’m not really scared, but I think all of the teams are really good and the tournament will be really close. LGB is together for a long time so this is a big advantage for them and dAT Team also is really skilled and I saw some good things from them in this tournament. But I’m still looking forward to it and will give my best with my team to win the tournament.

BurntSanctuary: And how you will prepare for the LAN? Do you will focus to counter tactics of those teams or will you focus more on yourself?

Cla: At the moment we are more focussing on our tactics. As you know I joined Melty only a few months ago and we are still trying to get better on some maps to increase our strength on all the maps.

BurntSanctuary: Now the interview is coming to an end. My final question will be as this is the first bigger tournament from Playing-Ducks e.V., especially with such a LAN final. What do you expect from it?

Cla: First I never went to Germany, so it’s already a pretty exciting trip. The place where the matches will be also looked very nice and so far the organisation of the tournament was pretty good and I think and hope it will be the same at the LAN final.

BurntSanctuary: Well, we will try our best to make it as good as that or even better. I’m looking forward to see you and your team at the LAN and I hope you will have a nice final. So thank you for this interview, good luck at the LAN finals and have a nice day.

Cla: Thanks for having me here. Have a nice day too and see you there.

Check out Cla on Twitter and BurntSanctuary on Twitter.

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