CS:GO Contract Renewal

CS:GO Contract Renewal

Aug 21 Playing-Ducks  

We at Playing Ducks are thrilled and happy to welcome our newest member of the Playing Ducks CS:GO Squad, Robertas ‚Carcass‘ Mikuckis. As Carcass will be joining the starting roster, Žygimantas ’nukkye‘ Chmieliauska has decided not to renew his contract with the Organization and we would like to wish him all the best for his Future! Furthermore, we would like to announce that all the remaining players, Nikolaj ‚kalinka‘ Rysakov, Lukas ‚lukjjE‘ Baciliunas, Eimantas ‚pounh‘ Lazickas, Tautvydas ‚Hype‘ Paldavicius and also the coach Zygimantas ‚Ynli‘ Sypalis have decided to continue their Path with us and have chosen to renew their Contracts!
The Team was already able to secure a spot in the Closed Qualifier for the NGC Masters #1 – A 10.000€ Tournament hosted in Husum, Germany!

Chief Gaming Officer Jannik ‚Tweakstar‘ Hansen
„It’s with greatness that I can announce that we have acquired Carcass from the old gameplayDNA roster and managed to renew the contracts with the remaining players in order to be able to continue from where we left. The ESEA MDL League will be our primary focus in order to try to qualify for the ESL Pro League the team has to show up in their best possible form.
With the recent addition of Ynli the coach of our CS:GO Squad I believe we now have found the perfect mix that will be going to work for us.
We here at Playing Ducks are looking forward to the future and what will be next on our journey with our CS Team.“

CS:GO Head Coach Zygimantas ‚Ynli‘ Sypalis
„We are happy to renew the contracts with Playing Ducks. As many of you
know Nukkye left the roster and we decided to bring someone well known into our team in form of Carcass. He is currently on a 3 month trial, we had to make this change because
Nukkye is unable to play CS:GO anymore due to his personal life but we hope that Carcass can grow with us and fill our expectations. I believe in my team and I know that we can play good, we already proved that. Of course, like all people we can’t be perfect and win all the time, but we are really trying our best, we put a lot of time to it and the time will show how good we can become. Huge thanks to Our Organization and Tweakstar for supporting us all the way!“

Playing Ducks CSGO Roster
Head Coach – Zygimantas ‚Ynli‘ Sypalis
Team Captain – Robertas ‚Carcass‚ Mikuckis
Player – Lukas ‚lukjjE‚ Baciliunas
Player – Eimantas ‚pounh‚ Lazickas
Player – Tautvydas ‚Hype‚ Paldavicius
Player – Nikolaj ‚kalinka‚ Rysakov

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