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12 invited teams 


4 qualified team

16 teams overall

Invited                                    Invited                                  Invited                                   Invited
Invited                                    Invited                                  Invited                                   Invited
Invited                                    Invited                                  Invited                                   Invited
Qualified                              Qualified                              Qualified                               Qualified

Offline finals in 

Peine, Hannover

Action starts on 

September 2nd, 2017


Livestream on



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iiyama’s success has been achieved by the consistent evolution of high quality product and by bringing them to market at an accessible price. From day one, the emphasis was not along standard lines of mass production, but rather to apply the human element at all stages of the manufacturing process. This philosophy is still central to everything that iiyama creates and our research and development is based on the concept of creating people friendly product. Utilising the most up to date technology has also become an essential element of iiyama’s manufacturing process and consolidated purchasing and global resourcing has ensured that iiyama retain our competitiveness without compromising quality or features.

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22″ GE2288HS | 24,5″ G2530HSU* | 27″ G2730HSU*

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Red Eagle – fly high with your ultimate partner in battle
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27″ GB2783QSU-B1




Q: What is this tournament about?
A: The name and idea behind the „HomeMasters“ is an own esport tournament series by the Playing-Ducks organization. The HomeMasters includes games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Rainbow Six, FIFA and others, with an „online qualification“ or invites. The finals with the both best teams, will take place at the Gaminghouse of the Playing Ducks in Peine, Between Hanover and Braunschweig.

Q: When will the open qualifiers take place?
A: The qualifier schedule is:

Qualifier 1: 15th July – single-elimination, top 2 qualified to group stage – Registrations available here
Qualifier 2: 22nd July – single-elimination, top 2 qualified to group stage – Registrations available here

Q: What are the group stage dates?
29th July Group A
30th July Group B
05th August Group C
06th August Group D

Q: What are the playoff dates?
A: 12th August 2017.

Q: When is the offline final in Peine?
A: 2nd September 2017.

Q: How much prize money?
1. 2,000€ + 500€ Travel support
2. 1,000€ + 500€ Travel support

Q: Where can fans watch the tournament?
A: Matches will be streamed on the Playing Ducks channel on Twitch.

Q: How will the prize money be paid out?
A: Prize money will be paid within 60 days after receiving the required payment information from the organizations, detailed below.

Q: What countries are eligible for the HomeMasters #3 Qualifier?
A: Players who wish to form a team and register in the qualifiers must be citizens of one of the following countries:

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Czech Republic
Faroe Islands
Republic of Ireland
Republic of Macedonia
San Marino
United Kingdom

Q: Do all the players from a team need to have the same nationality or live in the same country?
A: No

Q: Where can I find the HomeMasters #3 media files?
A: Here is our Tournament Logo.



(29th July 2017 – 14:00CEST – Bo1)


  • Team Monarchs16
  • VEXED Academy9
  • TTFU16
  • Team Monarchs 19
  • TTFU 22
  • TTFU 5
  • Team Monarchs 16



  • VEXED Academy5
  • Team Monarchs 16
Lower Bracket



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(30th July 2017 – 14:00CEST – Bo1)


  • Planetkey Dynamics16
  • Pompa7
  • Forcebuy16
  • LeiSuRe14
  • Planetkey Dynamics16
  • Forcebuy8
  • Planetkey Dynamics0
  • Forcebuy (Defwin*)16



  • Pompa16
  • LeiSuRe11
  • Pompa12
  • Forcebuy16
Lower Bracket



Watch live on




(5th August 2017 – 14:00CEST – Bo1)


  • Playing Ducks13
  • WiseWizards16
  • Berzerk16
  • Ha MaSSe9
  • WiseWizards10
  • Berzerk16
  • Berzerk10
  • Playing Ducks16



  • Playing Ducks16
  • Ha MaSSe8
  • Playing Ducks16
  • WiseWizards12
Lower Bracket



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(6th August 2017 – 14:00CEST – Bo1)


  • GameplayDNA (Defwin)16
  • Squared0
  • eSuba5
  • GameplayDNA (Defwin)1
  • DIVIZON (Defwin)1
  • GameplayDNA 0



  • Squared 0
  • eSuba (Defwin) 16
  • eSuba 0
  • Defwin16
Lower Bracket



Watch live on



Group A

(5th August 2017 – 14:00CEST – Bo1)

Upper Bracket (Bo1)

Team Monarchs 16:13 BLUEJAYS
VEXED Academy 9:16 TTFU

Team Monarchs 19:22 TTFU

Lower Bracket (Bo1)


Team Monarchs 16:13 BLUEJAYS

Final (Bo1)

TTFU 5:16 Team Monarchs

Group B

(5th August 2017 – 14:00CEST – Bo1)

Upper Bracket (Bo1)

Planetkey Dynamics 16:7 Pompa
Forcebuy 16:14 LeiSuRe

Planetkey Dynamics16:8 Forcebuy

Lower Bracket (Bo1)

Pompa 16:11 LeiSuRe

Pompa 12:16 Forcebuy

Final (Bo1)

Planetkey Dynamics 0:16 Forcebuy (Defwin)

Group C

(5th August 2017 – 14:00CEST – Bo1)

Upper Bracket (Bo1)

Playing Ducks 13:16 WiseWizards
Berzerk 16:9 Ha MaSSe

WiseWizards 10:16 Berzerk

Lower Bracket (Bo1)

Playing Ducks 16:8 Ha MaSSe

Playing Ducks 16:12 WiseWizards

Final (Bo1)

Berzerk 10:16 Playing Ducks

Group D

(5th August 2017 – 14:00CEST – Bo1)

Upper Bracket (Bo1)

GameplayDNA (DW)16:0 Squared
DIVIZON 16:5 eSuba

DIVIZON vs GameplayDNA

Lower Bracket (Bo1)

Squared 0:16 eSuba (DW)

eSuba 0:16 Defaultwin

Final (Bo1)

DIVIZON 16:0 GameplayDNA


(12nd August 2017 – 13:00CEST – Bo3)


  • Playing Ducks0
  • GameplayDNA2
  • Team Monarchs2
  • Planetkey Acedemy0
  • Forcebuy1
  • Berzerk2
  • TTFU0
  • GameplayDNA2
  • Team Monarchs0
  • Berzerk2
  • GameplayDNA0
  • Berzerk0



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(12nd August 2017 – 13:00CEST – Bo3)

Playing Ducks 0:2 GameplayDNA
Team Monarchs 2:0 Planetkey
Forcebuy 1:2 Berzerk
DIVIZON 2:0 TTFUGameplayDNA 2:0 Team Monarchs
Berzerk 2:0 DIVIZONGameplayDNA vs Berzerk


(2nd September 2017 – 16:00CEST – Bo5)




Livestream on




Global CS:GO Challenge me Rules + the following specific Tournament Rules:

Participants must play via their registered CME.GG accounts and be present 15 minutes before their match.
Players must use their real nick names in-game (from ChallengeMe.GG platform)

Max Rounds = 15 per half
Round time = 1:55 minutes
Freeze time = 12 seconds
C4 Timer = 40 seconds
Buytime = 15 seconds
Overtime Rounds = 3 Rounds per half
Overtime Money = $10,000
Knife round: 5v5 ON
If a team is unable to field 5 players during the check-in or in the warm up, a loss will be given to said team. An admin is however able to restart the map in certain scenarios.

Lobby invitation will be sent 10 minutes before the map veto and will be visible on the dashboard.Upon the lobby countdown completing with all players in, team captains will begin the map veto process. The system will randomly choose which team goes first. The map veto process is completed on our website and has the following rules.

The rotation for best-of-one is: B/B/B/B/B/B – The last map will be selected to play.
The rotation for best-of-three is: B/B/P/P/B/B – The last map will be selected as the deciding map, if necessary.
The rotation for best-of-five is: B/B/P/P/P/P – The last map will be selected as the deciding map, if necessary.
Knife Round will determine which team gets to choose starting side. After winning the Knife Round, any member of the winning team can type either „.stay” or “.switch”. The match will then briefly restart and continue as normal. Teams have 30 seconds to decide which side to start. This is currently not displayed in game.

Pausing is allowed by team captains by entering “.pause”. Pauses may only take place once per half, for each team. Anyone besides team captains found pausing or abusing this function could face disqualification. Examples of technical issues requiring a pause is server lag, which a team captain can then report to an admin, player crash etc. Pauses will have a 5 minute timer and can be resumed by entering “.unpause”. This must be done by both team captains in order to unpause.

Players must stay on the server post match and await to be kicked out by CME.GG. This usually takes only 1-2 seconds.
All matches of the tournament must be played, otherwise this will result in a disqualification.


We do not allow people with banned Steam Accounts or League accounts that are banned for cheating to participate in any of our Tournaments.
Being caught trying to lie or cover up any given League or Account bans will lead to a permanent exclusion from everything related to HomeMasters and Playing Ducks.

Once the match starts, there will be no restarts. Any issues in lobby or during warm up can be reported to an admin. Otherwise, any issues during the match will have to be dealt with by competitors. An admin is able to overrule this under specific circumstances.

The following commands are forbidden:

The following start parameters are forbidden:
+mat_hdr_enabled 0/1
+mat_hdr_level 0/1/2

The format for each tournament may vary. For more details on your tournaments format, check the overview and bracket.

Every Tournament is protected by our ChallengeMe.GG Client, VAC and server side anti cheat. The admin team is always able to turn the ChallengeMe.GG Client protection off under certain circumstances. This decision is made only by admins. After every tournament players are checked in terms of Tournaments Rules and Terms of Service validation.
You are always able to contact an admin during the tournament if you are not sure about your enemy. After the game you are always able to download demo from finished match page. Please prepare appropriate evidence like tickrate/timestamps of demo to dispute the final score.
POV demos are necessary to record. To record demo simply open game console (activate console in options and use default key “~”) and write “record <-name->” for instance “record match1”.

After validation of Tournaments Rules and Terms of Service, the player can receive their prize according to the specific tournament prize pool.
The following actions are strictly prohibited during a game and can result in your account being suspended:

Any form of external script is forbidden.
Using bugs which change the game principle (i.e. spawn bugs) is illegal.
Moving through walls, floors and roofs is strictly forbidden. This also includes skywalking.
Planting the bomb so that it cannot be defused is illegal.
„Flash bugs“ are forbidden
„Map swimming“ or „Floating“ is illegal.
„Pixelwalking“ is illegal (sitting or standing on invisible map edges).
Using 16 bit graphics.
HE/Flash/smoke throw script is forbidden.

Any use of forbidden 3rd party software that is not allowed by the game publisher or exploits will result in a permanent ban from CME.GG and disqualify the offender’s team from the tournament.
If suspicions of forbidden in-game settings or actions is made the accusing team can request maximum two demos from the defending team. This request have to be made to the administrator within 15 minutes of the game ending. The request must be made via the given Discord server where admins are available.
If an in-eye demo can not be produced, the team will receive a disqualification. When a demo is presented by the accused team, our admins will look at the demo and make a decision based on what they see. The accusation should be as precise as possible i.e. use of flash bug, pixel walked, forbidden bomb plant and so on.

Players are able to agree on certain terms before a match, such as waiting five minutes for a final player. An admin must confirm such agreements before the match starts.
An admin is able to overrule any decision made but will of course be aiming for quality matches and fairplay.

Servers will have secure passwords that are only accessible to participants, admins, broadcasters or any other approved spectators.


(2nd September 2017 – 16:00CEST – Bo5)



Livestream on