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We are finally able to reveal the next team that will be playing under the Playing-Ducks e.V banners.
We Present you the Playing Ducks Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Team 2017.

Jannik Hansen – Head of Esport:
I am extremely excited today as we announce the acquisition of our Heroes of the Storm Professional Team. The Team will be present in one of the world’s most professional Leagues also called the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship. I believe we will be able to provide the Players the needed tools and support to develop themselves and continue to improve in order to compete with the best in the World.

HotS is a new Segment and Division for us but as new as it is as exciting it is at the same time and I believe that we will be able to make it far together in the upcoming competitions that strive ahead of us.

Please welcome SportBilly, nande, WolfJoe, Cris, ChriZplosion and Youngbaek in our Family!

The best teams in the world are in a Series of Matches fighting against each other in the Global Championship but also here we will be present with our Team. Beginning January our team was introduced to the HGC Global Championship as they were invited to the ACTIVISION BLIZZARD HQ in Los Angeles.

The Publisher Blizzard has invested 3.2 Million Dollars in the Championship where they have set a Prize pool of 300.000 Dollars. There will be held couples of Offline Tournaments throughout the Season of the League. More Information will follow soon on the Blizzard Website.


The Ducks Team consist of the following HotS-Players that all have been playing internationally:

Manager, Coach & Analyst:
Nicolai „Youngbaek“ Creutzburg

Christopher „chriZplosion“ Zerbe

Christoph „Cris“ Gowitzke

Rainer „nande“ Wöß

Ivan „sportbilly“ Koturić

Jan „WolfJoe“ Kramer

Christopher Zerbe – Team Captain:
Hello my Name is Christopher Zerbe also known as chriZplosion. We are very happy to have the opportunity to join Playing Ducks and I cannot explain the excitement to finally be here and onboard. Straight after our initial contact with Thorsten it only reassured us that we were making the right move. Now that we are here in HGC with Playing Ducks the team is really looking to push forward and continue to improve as a team.
Again we would like to thank Playing Ducks for the chance and we look forward to make them proud.

We wish the Team the best of luck! The team will be present in our new Team house around April 2017. Together we can do magic things! – DUCKS FLY TOGETHER!

German News:

Heute lassen wir die „Katze aus dem Sack“. Der Verein Playing-Ducks e.V. präsentiert am heutigen Tag Ihr HotS Global Championship Team 2017!

Es kämpfen die besten Teams der Welt um die Vorherrschaft in einer der professionellsten Ligen der Welt. Die Spieler der Ducks waren bereits in der ersten Januarwoche im Headquarter von ACTIVISION BLIZZARD in Los Angeles um die neue Global Championship (HGC) kennenzulernen.

Der Publisher Blizzard investiert in die Championships 3.2 Millionen Dollar und schüttet ein Preisgeld von rund 300.000 Dollar aus. Viele „Offline“ Veranstaltungen sind in den kommenden sechs Monaten (Laufzeit der Liga) weltweit geplant. Mehr dazu gibt es in Kürze auf der offiziellen Blizzard Homepage.


Das Playing-Ducks Heroes of the Storm Team besteht aus folgenden Spielern:

Manager, Coach & Analyst: Nicolai „Youngbaek“ Creutzburg
Warrior: Christopher „chriZplosion“ Zerbe
Assassin: Christoph „Cris“ Gowitzke
Warrior: Rainer „nande“ Wöß
Assassin: Ivan „sportbilly“ Koturić
Support: Jan „WolfJoe“ Kramer

Wir wünschen unserem Team viel Erfolg und sehen uns bereits im April 2017 im Peiner Teamhaus! Gemeinsam zum Erfolg – DUCKS FLY TOGETHER!

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